Areas of Expertise

  • Solution Preparation
    • Successful coating starts with good coating solutions, so characterization of coating fluids is key
    • Suggest modifications to materials or processes to reduce or eliminate particulate sources
  • Optimization of Mix Processes
    • Evaluation of existing mix equipment and processes
    • Modeling of new processes in existing equipment
    • Scale-up of new products from Pilot Plant to Production
  • Clean Room Procedures
    • Assessment of appropriate level of cleanliness needed
    • Evaluation of either proposed or actual clean room procedures
    • Follow-up to address actual product issues
  • Clean Room Equipment
    • Web research to find appropriate equipment for meeting cleanliness goals
    • Suggestions for approaches to maintain cleanliness levels in a cost-effective manner
  • Coating Procedures
    • Assessment of coating method needed
    • Evaluation of either proposed or actual coating method
    • Follow-up to address actual coating issues
  • Defect Characterization
    • Microscopic evaluation of multiple defects to characterize types of defects and suggest sources
    • Process Defect Work
    • Confirm sources of defects and conduct tests to minimize those defects

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